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United States of America: Grande Sports Centre [EQT]

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United States of America: Grande Sports Centre [EQT]

The 400 acre Grande Sports Centre is designed to become the next academic-athletic nexus of the United States of America with the capacity to host 3,000 students. The master-planned development integrates eight celebrity branded pro-athletic academies,  two private schools with dormitories, high-end villas and cottages, a 10,000 seat mixed-use sports and entertainment arena, a 150-key hotel, a conference center, and retail.

The Grande Sports Centre provides a combined academic, athletic, and business campus that will not only attract students and their family members, but also conference attendees, tourists, homeowners, and the local community. The Centre combines premiere sports education, through leading sports celebrities, with state-of-the-art private student and adult education embedded in a thriving business and residential community:

The Academic Campus – Learning for a future

The Academic Campus comprises two private, college preparatory schools—grades 7–12. The schools are open internationally to applicants, and aim to combine athletic and academic education for students through high school. The facilities combine top-of-the-line education with an international and corporate focus, teaching high-prestige sports and skills that are practiced in business functions throughout the world. The private, tuition-based education students receive will include leadership development as well as useful and valued technology skills. Five Vocational-Technical Institutes provide students the means to begin their pursuit of a specialized career. The 5 options for students include the Foreign Language, Culinary, Hospitality, Entrepreneurial, and Technology Institutes. Education is provided for by the Grande Excelsior School, a partnership between the Grande Organization and the established Excelsior International School. 

The Athletic Campus – From the pros, for future pros

The Grande Sports Centre incorporates a sizable Athletic Campus. Students enrolled at the Grande Sports Centre join a specialized sports academy, or take part in multiple academies. These academies are brought to students by sports celebrity patrons—a sports experience from the pros, for future pros. Tennis, Golf, Equestrian, Sailing, Swimming, Soccer, Basketball and Hockey curricula are covered. Each is provided its own dedicated academy, with the requisite facilities to accommodate serious practice and competition. The Grande Tennis Academy features 16 full courts and 16 half courts (indoor and outdoor). The Grande Golf Academy features a 9-hole course with a driving range and putting green. The Grande Equestrian Academy features a 1,000 seat pavilion, jumping arena, stables, and riding trails. The Grande Sailing Academy has a marina and docks with 100 wet slips. The Grande Swimming Academy features two pools; one is a dedicated diving pool. The Grande Soccer Academy has 7 soccer fields. The Grande Basketball Academy has 6 basketball courts. The Grande Hockey Academy’s ice hockey rink is able to accommodate 500 seats. In addition to the sports facilities themselves, the Academies also conduct learning in dedicated classrooms. This provides an academic approach to the sports covered. Not only do students get the school year to practice their sport under celebrity-branded instruction, they also study the sport intellectually, learning tactics, strategy, health practices, and the mechanics of their sport.

Business & Residential – All about Community:

Non-student patrons of the Grande Sports Centre have a plethora of opportunities. The campus provides master-planned and fully amenatized residential developments: 149 golf cottages and 145 conference villas. The golf cottages share immediate proximity with the 9-hole golf course, as well as the celebrity branding, provided to the Grande Golf Academy. These high-end residences afford supreme luxury in a classic setting. First and second hand buyers and guests gain access to the 9-hole course, as well as many of the retail, entertainment, and business function of the campus. The conference villas are in close proximity to the Conference Center. The centerpiece of the business functions at the Grande Sports Centre, the Conference Centre is able to accommodate industry conventions, company meetings, and other business conferences. Additionally, it also provides business offices and services to guests and community members. A 150-key hotel on campus enables Conference Center guests and sports facility guests to stay for as long as they like in plush accommodation.

Entertainment & Retail:

The campus will also incorporate a mixed-use sports and entertainment arena that will feature concerts from famous musical artists and other events. Forty-five retail shops, found in the towncenter and elsewhere on the campus, allow residents and guests to quickly and conveniently access shopping sites to fit a number of retail and day-to-day needs. A variety of cafes and restaurants afford varied dining opportunities, and the wellness center provides additional exercise options. Natural settings and facilities built to enhance and support the natural aesthetics for the campus and local community’s enjoyment include the preserve and trails.

Project Incentives:            

Tax: Utilization of engineering-based, [US/other] government approved tax benefit tools may be available to reduce current income tax liabilities using accelerated depreciation along with many other engineering studies to potentially enhance investor savings and returns.

Offshore Investment: Project may represent a government approved investment opportunity in equity assets in designated locations.

Immigrant Investor Programs: Participation in offering may provide business investors with access to an investment country immigration investor program (i.e. EB5, CIP, Golden Visas). To obtain a safe haven residency or citizenship under business immigration, it is very important to establish “business ties” with that country.  A passive investment, such as buying a commercial or residential real estate property and other investments may qualify the investor for a business immigration program.

Available Conversion Options: 

Single Family Residence

Multi-Family Residence

Vacation Ownership

Future Tuition Learning Credit Grande Sports Centre

IMPORTANT INVESTOR NOTICE!   Following Rules apply:

US Investors  (US residents) FOREIGN Investors (non-US residents)
Accredited:  YES. Admitted for investment.
Accredited: Contact [email protected] to determine eligibility
Non-Accredited: NO. Not admitted for investment.
Non-Accredited: Contact [email protected] to determine  eligibility.

Information on US Accreditation Rules.

DEVELOPMENT TEAM: The development team for the project include renowned companies: Hotel Architecture & Interior Design: Allan+Philip Architects has more than 40 design awards. Its experience and focus covers hospitality and urban mixed-use developments, such as destination resorts, hotels, signature spas, casinos, golf and country clubs, specialty retail and restaurants. Architects: RT Consult, providing residential unit design, focuses on architectural design services, interior design, sustainable design and consulting, construction, for hotel, residential, industrial and office projects for international clients. architectural design services, interior design, sustainable design and consulting, construction, for  hotel, residential, industrial and office projects for international clients. Planner & Landscape Design: Land Design Inc. has provided creative solutions in planning, branding, landscape architecture and civil engineering services in the Americas and Europe for over 35 years. Sports Facilities Architects: Rossetti Architects, the nationally acclaimed sports architect which designed Sony, Palm Springs, Saddlebrook and US Open/Arthur Ashe Tennis Stadiums is providing designs service for each tennis sports facility: Architects: FDG.USA, a company with international experience in design management and contract administration. Golf Course Architect and Construction Contractor: Fezler Golf, a partnership between former PGA tour member Forest Fezler and golf course architect Mike Strantz. Their team has implemented their talent in new construction, renovation, restoration, and consulting to produce high quality courses that have garnered #1 rating and frequently appeared on top 100 lists in periodicals such as Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, and Golf & Travel.

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