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Grande Global Fund

The Grande Global Fund is a pooled real estate equity investment fund focused in targeted locations around the world. Funds invested in the Grande Global Fund will support the acquisition, redevelopment, and/or development of sports, entertainment, education, residential, and hospitality real estate projects.

The Grande Global Fund invests in selected US and international Grande projects. These opportunities encompass key geographic regions in the Americas, the Bahamas and the Caribbean, Asia, Australia, Great Britain, Europe, and the Middle East. Project sites are selected based on economic strength and potential of metropolitan areas, tourism appropriate to the specific project, government incentives, and investor visa or citizenship programs. Specific location details are viewable under each individual project portfolio on Investments are allocated at the discretion of the Grande Organization to achieve the best probability for project success and higher returns:

10% for existing Grande projects located in the USA, New York City, and the Caribbean, as well as for Celebrity Amenities

90% allocated for a New Project Fund, which includes prospective real estate development in key geographic areas such as the Americas (65%), Europe (15%), China (10%), the Caribbean (5%) and Oceania (5%).

Diverse international development is supported by a variety of project types. Investments may go to one or more projects, one or more phases of a project, or one or more buildings across multiple projects. Projects, uses, and building types include: beach resorts, mountain resorts, metropolitan properties, sports celebrity academies (tennis, golf, swimming, sailing, soccer, basketball, hockey, and equestrian), schools; business & residential mixed-use campuses, athletic and academic campuses, vocational institutes, college prep schools, dorms & faculty housing, residential, and hospitality.

Specific examples of the Grande Organization’s projects may be found in the project portfolios at  

Once $500,000 is raised, Grande Global Fund will close and allocate funds. Then, the subsequent Grande Global Fund is launched, which will follow the pattern raised for the original Grande Global Fund. For every $500,000 raised, the existing fund will close to allocate funds and another will be launched.

The Fund offers the opportunity for significant investment creating a unique and profitable investment vehicle. The properties included in the Grande Global Fund incorporate sites which will either be acquired from third party landowners or developed through a land ownership joint venture.

The Grande Global Fund will target 3 different categories of Grande Invest projects which meet guidelines that achieve an average 20 % Investor Internal Rate of Return, offers geographic and economic diversity, and provides a cross section of real estate product types. These categories include:

  • Featured Projects - specific locations where The Grande Organization has analyzed markets and identified alternative properties to be acquired through Grande Global Fund;
  • Negotiated Projects - projects which The Grande Organization has negotiated development and investment opportunities through joint venture and/ or acquisition agreements;
  • Future Projects  - geographic locations where The Grande Organization believes investment opportunities are/ will be favorable within the next 36 month; 

Projects that may receive fund allocation from the Grande Global Fund include:

Featured Projects

Featured projects include specific areas and specific markets TGO has analyzed. Various sites have been identified in each marketplace and normally include a minimum or a range of 3 to 5 sites. In certain circumstances agreements have been entered into with the landowners. Once sufficient funds have been raised, purchase or joint venture agreements will be entered into with the landowner of the final site to be selected. Each site will be further qualified and negotiations will commence until the most favorable agreement can be negotiated.    

Grande Global Fund targets featured development projects that represent opportunities for co-investment with local Grande Organization joint venture partners.

The criteria for inclusion within the Grande Global Fund and ultimately the allocation of capital by the Grande Organization as a managing member of the Grande Global Fund includes the following: 

A local economy that has firmly rebounded from the financial crisis and is currently recognized for its very strong economic indicators within the real estate sector and general business economy (such as Charleston, SC and Charlotte, NC)

Resort locations that have adopted legislation that provides strong incentives or support for real estate development projects such as the capital improvement program in Antigua

Resort locations that have had diverse and high levels of investment from well-established international conglomerates such as a 4-billion dollar investment in Baha Mar and a 1-billion dollar investment in Grand Bahama Port

Resort locations that have experienced consistent economic growth for the last 5 years with continued projection to do so such as Panama

The current 2015 featured projects include:

Grande Club and Residence – Grand Bahama, Bahamas

The Grande Club and Residences development is located on Grand Bahama Island. It includes the 14 court Grande Racquet Club with customized outdoor racquet, as well as social and wellness facilities.

The Grande Club and Residences luxury waterfront development comprises 170 single-family homes and 240 condominiums providing projected investor Internal Rate Of Return (IRR) in excess of 20% to investors over a 7 to 10 year period.

The development is complimented by the exclusive Grande Racquet Club with 14 courts, which provides members the opportunity to access private training from internationally renowned instructors. 

For guests and residents of the Grande Club & Residences, the Bahamas offer numerous areas and neighboring cays for the best snorkeling experiences and venues to watch turtles and dolphins.

Three sites have been identified (and negotiations have occurred) on the both East and West sides of the island. All sites have direct access to pristine white beaches.

The Grande Club and Residences is located approximately 60 miles east of Palm Beach, Florida and just a few minutes away from both international and private West End airport providing access to private jets.

Each property benefits from multi-million dollar investments in both infrastructure and/or existing resort development. 

Hutchison Whampoa, one of the largest holding companies in the world, invested over $1 billion USD in the Grand Bahama port in the past decade building the new “Port of Grand Bahama”. Also, the company has invested in a number of other projects on Grand Bahama Island over the past 20 years. As 50% owner of Freeport Harbour and Grand Bahama International Airport the Cayman Island and Hong Kong based company is closely linked to the economy of Grand Bahama. Grand Bahama is also home to Nandana Villa which rents to many high ranking celebrities.

The Bahamas are increasingly regarded as one of the world’s most interesting property markets due to its stable political structure, close proximity to the United States, and its offshore global banking center representing numerous international and US-based banks and investment firms. Residential property prices rose by about 10% to 15% from 2012 to 2013 in the islands’ more established high-end residential developments.

The Bahamas is one of the wealthiest and politically most stable of the Caribbean countries. Tourism, together with tourism-driven construction and manufacturing, accounts for approximately 60% of $9 billion GDP.

Grande Club and Residences – Antigua, West Indies

The Grande Club and Residences in Antigua is a master planned waterfront resort that will include a hospitality and hotel management program.

The Grande Club and Residences is a residential luxury development with high-end beachfront and waterfront homes and condominium residences. It comprises 662 condominiums providing targeted investor IRR of 19 % to 21%.

This secure and affluent private development boasts a fully serviced marina, stunning waterfront homes backing onto their own private docks, and all of amenities one could possibly need within minutes walk of pristine beach. Resorts in Antigua are often featured as one of the most desired seafront destinations in the Caribbean by travel and villa rental agencies.

Being a secret celebrity getaway, Antigua is an ideal location for owning a vacation home due to the country’s generous investment incentives, remarkable nature, pleasant economic environment and overall economic stability. 

The Grande Club and Residences development is ideally nestled into the calm and peaceful paradise surrounded by sailing yachts, 365 golden sandy beaches to enjoy each every day and the turquoise Caribbean Sea. 

From the US mainland Antigua is about 3 hours from Miami International, and direct flights are also offered from London and other European airports with New York being 4 hour flight.

Tourism continues to dominate Antigua and Barbuda's economy, accounting for nearly 60% of GDP and 40% of investment.

Antigua is increasingly regarded as one of the world’s most interesting property markets with the number of wealthy outspoken residents to settle down there: Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, and Timothy Dalton to mention just a few.

The government of Antigua has adopted The Citizenship by Investment Program which allows international citizens to acquire citizenship and residency through the acquisition of residential real estate. This program provides access to approximately 100 countries for travel, work and education for both the investor and family members. Additionally this program supports the demand for resort residential real estate in Antigua. 

Grande Club and Residences - Charlotte, North Carolina

Grande Club and Residences is a 100 acre upscale residential development in the Charlotte metropolitan area, which is currently ranked as the 3rd fastest growing city in the United States.

The Grande Club and Residences is a masterfully planned luxury community that will include 360 high-end residences total comprising 240 single-family and 120 multi-family units. Average size ranges from 1,600 to 5,500 GSF per unit. Two 100 acre sites have been identified so far in the northern quadrant of uptown Charlotte in Mecklenburg County. The project´s investor IRR range for various building components is expected to be 17 percent to 30 percent. 

The Grande Club and Residences metropolitan development is complemented by the exclusive 16 court Grande Racquet Club featuring a club house, pro shop, and wellness center and provides members the opportunity to access training from internationally renowned instructors. 

Charlotte has become a major U.S. financial center, and is now the second largest banking center in the United States after New York City. Forbes ranked Charlotte as #12 of the best places for business and careers in the United States. 

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is the 11th busiest passenger airport in the US with 38 million travelers a year serviced by all major regional, national, international airlines.

For the past four years Charlotte, as a part of Mecklenburg County of North Carolina, has reported records for tourism spending, and these numbers are expected to continue to increase in future years. 

Grande Club and Residences – Charleston, South Carolina

Grande Club and Residences is a luxury residential community located on a 100 acre development in the Charleston metropolitan area, currently the fastest growing municipality in South Carolina and known as a culturally vibrant city.

Grande Club and Residences will feature 240 single-family and 120 high-end multi-family residences 1,600 GSF each. Single-family homes range from 2,000 to 5,500 GSF each. To date five sites have been identified, 100 acres each, in the Charleston metro area, which are representative of the site to be acquired for development. The project´s investor IRR range for various building components is anticipated to be 17 percent to 30 percent. 

The Grande Club and Residences is a masterfully planned metropolitan upscale community concept that addresses all the needs of a modern urban lifestyle. The concept incorporates residential housing into beautifully landscaped park areas with community areas and bike trails. The community is accessible to nearby restaurants and entertainment. Luxury amenities include the Paradise Health Spa & Wellness with pool and gym facilities as well as a celebrity branded tennis complex—the exclusive 16-court Grande Racquet Club. 

The Charleston region is building best-in-the-world expertise in several dynamic industry sectors such as Advanced IT Security, Aerospace, Biomedical, and Energy. Leading employers of the area are Boeing, Google, Daimler, BAE Systems, Bosch and Blackbaud.

The Charleston International Airport offers over 106 flights each day with connections around the world.

Negotiated Projects

The Grande Organization has negotiated a wide variety of real estate joint venture development and existing asset acquisition projects. Within international global offerings, these Grande projects include a diverse portfolio of product types in metropolitan and resort locations. Each negotiated project is included in the GrandeInvest platform through Grande Funds by Project and Grande Funds by Project Phase for those investors seeking targeted investment opportunities.

The Grande Global Fund will be able to invest 10% of each offering in individual negotiated projects for those investors looking for a more diverse portfolio of properties.  

The current 2015 negotiated projects include:

The Grande Residences and Academy – Beacon, New York

A private, for-profit high school is planned for the rolling woodlands of a thriving arts community in the New York metropolitan area. Students at the school will gain access to elite tennis training at the campuses’ Grande Tennis Academy. The 64 acre development will also feature 150 residential units. The project´s investor IRR range is projected between 16% and 29% based on individual project components.

The Grande Club and Residences – South Florida, USA

The Grande Club & Residences supports a town center development concept with the local city. Split across a horizontal development phase and three vertical development phases, the Grande Club & Residences is in close proximity to Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, and Miami. The sustainable living community features 250 apartments, 175 condominiums, 110 town homes, 75 tennis cottages, 84 vacation residences, a hotel with 200 keys, and a 13,000 sq. ft. spa and wellness center. In addition, the development features a Grande Tennis Center with 18 tennis courts and a Club House. Other amenities include waterfront park areas and a 15,000 sq. ft. Convention & Educational Center. The project´s investor IRR range is expected between 14 and 40 percent.

Grande Sports Centre – USA

The 400 acre Grande Sports Centre is designed to become the next academic-athletic nexus of the United States of America with the capacity to host 3,000 students. The master-planned development integrates eight celebrity branded pro-athletic academies, two private schools with dormitories, high-end cottages and villas, a 10,000 seat mixed-use sports and entertainment arena, a 150-key hotel, a conference center, and retail.

Grande Club and Residences – Pristine Bay, Roatán

An infill development at the Pristine Bay Resort on Roatán Island, the Grande Club & Residences will add the tennis facilities of the Grande Racquet Club, 100 Grande Residences, and 300 Grande Villas to the luxury development. The development, home to the Black Pearl Golf Course from Pete Dye—a legend in the field of golf course design, has received $100 million in investment so far. The project´s investor IRR range is anticipated between 14 to 30 percent.

Grande Golf Academy – Pristine Bay, Roatán

The Grande Golf Academy at Pristine Bay Resort—Roatán’s only luxury golf course resort—admits Academy students to celebrity branded training on Pete Dye’s Black Pearl Golf Course. Under the guidance of an exemplary program inspired by the celebrity partner, students undergo camps, clinics, and private and semi-private training sessions off the Honduran mainland in one of the most beautiful locations in Caribbean waters. The project´s Return On Investment is estimated to exceed 10 percent.

Ocean Grande Resort – Fond d’Or Bay, Saint Lucia

The development site is settled in the Eastern of Coast of Saint Lucia. The Caribbean resort is replete with amenities and a private beach, as a part of an Ocean Grande Resort. A Gansevoort hotel is joined by 369 residential resort units, restaurants, retail, Spa, and 16 court Grande Racquet Club. The project´s average projected investor IRR exceeds 20% which is a subject to individual building components and applicable phase.

Grande Residences – Alicante, Spain

Situated on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, the 103 acre Alicante resort features an existing ocean-view championship golf course and approximately 1,000 residential units, which will be joined by a resort condominium hotel as well as the Grande Excelsior School, Grande Tennis Academy, Grande Equestrian Academy, and Grande Soccer Academy in future phases. The targeted project’s Return On Cost (ROC) exceeds 20 percent.

Grande Mountain Villas – Dujiangyan, China

Picturesque and majestic at the gateway to Qincheng Mountain, Dujiangyan is a 22 acre property offering comprising 1,000 condominiums. The climate is mild and patterned by four seasons. Exceptional amenities and the Grande Racquet Club will crown the mountain resort, which will provide its villas crafted guest experiences through Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas. Phase 1 project’s IRR is estimated to exceed 22 percent.

Grande Sports Centre – Dujiangyan, China

The Grande Sports Centre in Dujiangyan, China is a sprawling, multi-purpose campus providing access to celebrity branded sports academies, schools, vocational-technical institutes, and residences. The Grande Sports Centre will be supported by the hospitality and conference facilities in the adjacent and affiliated Grande Mountain Villa along with Six Senses properties.  The project’s investor IRR is expected to be 32 percent.

Grande Tennis Academy – Dujiangyan, China

Making full use of the Grande Racquet Club’s facilities planned in Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province, the Grande Tennis Academy provides camps, clinics, and lessons to aspiring and passionate tennis players. Excellence is cultivated in each students amongst the dramatic backdrop of the gateway to Qincheng Mountain. The project’s Return On Capital is anticipated to exceed 14 percent.

Excelsior International School – Raffles Campus, Malaysia

Excelsior International School is The Grande Organization’s education partner. Its operational flagship campus in Malaysia is embarking on the next phase of its expansion with a dormitory and faculty apartments that can accommodate 400 boarding students and 50 staff and their families. The school offers the internationally recognized Cambridge International General Certificate in Secondary Education and International Baccalaureate curriculum. The project’s IRR is estimated to be 18 percent.

Grande Swimming Academy – Raffles Campus, Malaysia

Instruction at the Grande Swimming Academy covers the essential curriculum of swimming through a celebrity branded program. Competitive and casual swimming is developed alongside lifeguarding and lifesaving techniques to make swimmers proficient and prepared while in the water. The academy is located at the already operating Excelsior International School in Malaysia. The project’s Return On Investment (ROI) is estimated to be 18 percent.

Grande Residences – Lisbon, Portugal

Renzo Piano, one of the most important architects on the international scene, has designed the Jardins Braça de Prata (Silver Arm Gardens) for the waterfront of the Tagus River. The Grande Organization will co-develop the project, which comprises a sophisticated metropolitan community of 499 residential units, restaurants, and retail. The average project’s IRR exceeds 20 % based on individual project components.

Dreams Buenaventura Resort and Grande Tennis Centre – Rio Hato, Panama

Ideally located in one of Panama’s most exclusive beach communities, Dreams Buenaventura Panama will welcome couples and couples with children to the first Dreams Resorts & Spas in this magnificent destination. Dreams Buenaventura will feature 614 spacious rooms and suites, each luxuriously appointed with a private balcony or terrace and stunning views. The site will be outfitted with premiere tennis facilities.

Grande Residences – Rio Hato, Panama

The pristine Pacific coastline in Buenaventura, Panama includes a planned Grande Residences project featuring the JW Marriot brand. The site will incorporate state-of-the-art existing JW Marriot resort amenities including a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, an array of ocean side pools, a full-service luxury Spa, an abundance of dining options, and a modern fitness center. The JW Marriott branded Grande Residences project features up to 100 luxury condominium units. The average project’s investor IRR is projected in excess of 20 % based on individual project components.

Harbour Grande – Little Harbour, Anguilla

Classic luxury and innovative living find a common place in the plan for this Caribbean resort. Anguilla is a British territory in the tropics that caters to the high-end resort guest. Harbour Grande’s hospitality and management program provides for 540 guest rooms and suites in the Leeward Isles of Lesser Antilles. The project´s investor IRR is estimated at 23 percent.

Future Projects

The Grande Organization has identified potential markets to undertake future developments once sites are identified, local partners have been selected and project due diligence has been completed. These opportunities will be considered based on market conditions, status of local properties, favorable acquisition and/ or joint venture terms and overall strategic objectives.

Currently upcoming projects in 2016/2017 include:

Orlando, Florida – Grande Club & Residences

Atlanta, Georgia – The Grande

Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina – Grande Residences

Denver, Colorado – Grande Villas

St. Kitts, Caribbean – Grande Club & Residences

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – Ocean Grande Resort

Rome, Italy – Grande Sports Centre

Algarve, Portugal – Ocean Grande Resort

Monterey Bay, California – Grande Hotel and Classic Golf Club

Available Conversion Options: Not applicable

IMPORTANT INVESTOR NOTICE!  Following Rules apply : 

US Investors  (US residents)FOREIGN Investors (non-US residents)
Accredited:  YES. Admitted for investment.                    
Accredited:  Contact [email protected] to determine eligibility
Non-Accredited: NO. Not admitted for investment.
Non-Accredited: Contact [email protected] to determine  eligibility.

Information on US Accreditation Rules.

GRANDEINVEST & THE GRANDE ORGANIZATION: GrandeInvest is an advanced technology based investment real-estate platform offering financial participation in sports celebrity branded and international prime real-estate worldwide. It is a product of The Grande Organization LLC based in New York City, New York.  The Grande Organization markets and develops integrated luxury real estate, investments, and related branded sports amenities.  The Grande Organization’s real estate portfolio includes Grande Club & Residence, Grande Residences, Grande Resort, Ocean Grande Resort, Harbour Grande, and GRande Mountain Villas. Its development focus is on properties in key metropolitan cities and waterfront destinations throughout the Americas, the Bahamas and the Caribbean, Asia, Australia, Great Britain, Europe, and the Middle East. Qualified investors can benefit from investment in mixed-use developments, hotels, retail, and spas, restaurants as well as residential and vacation properties.


DEVELOPMENT TEAM:  The development team for the projects included in Grande Global Fund portfolio consists of renowned companies such as: Herbert+Linhares Architects specializes in planning and residential architecture in South Florida and Latin America; Moss & Associates is a privately held construction firm with eleven regional offices from Hawaii to Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands. FDG USA is a full service planning, architectural and interior design firm. It serves private and governmental clients and brings over 95 years of collective experience in master planning, hospitality, entertainment, mixed-use, office, education, medical, residential, religious, retail, gaming and resort projects in the United States and overseas. George F Young Inc., founded in 1919, provides a team of technicians and specialists including Architects, Civil Engineers, Ecologists, GIS Professionals, Hydrographic Surveyors, Land and Urban Planners, Landscape Architects, and Real Estate Professionals. George F Young specializes in property transaction, educational facilities, parks and recreation and transportation infrastructure support. Allen+Philip Architects, focusing primarily on hospitality and urban mixed-use developments, including destination resorts, hotels, signature spas, casinos, golf and country clubs, specialty retail, and restaurants, have been recognized for their design capability with more than 40 design awards. Pininfarina represents one of the most prestigious brands in architecture and interior design for residential, hospitality, sports, and commercial structures; Land Design, the Charlotte based firm, is a visionary company with a 30-year history of urban site planning with a special focus on community design. FDG.USA is responsible for the architectural design in cooperation with 505 Design. Craven Thompson & Associates: Combines the expertise of surveying, civil engineering, land planning, and landscape architecture to creatively solve the challenges of public and private clients. Founded over 50 years ago as a small surveying and civil engineering firm, it is regarded as one of the leading multi-disciplinary firms in South Florida. Cummins | Cederberg is a consulting and engineering firm specializing in the marine and coastal environments. Project portfolio of experienced Principals of Cummins | Cederberg includes Florida, Caribbean, Portugal, Denmark, Dominican Republic, etc. Construtec Construction is a Honduras based construction management firm, which is currently building all residential homes at Pristine Bay, Roatan, and is owned by local development partners to ensure quality control, and on-time performance. Engineered Tax Services (ETS) assist in strengthening investments and increase Return on Investment through specialty tax services for real estate investors for US real estate investments. Rossetti Architects is a nationally acclaimed sports architect which designed Sony, Palm Springs, Saddlebrook and US Open/Arthur Ashe Tennis Stadiums, providing designs service for each tennis sports facility. Tennis Operations: Peter Burwash International which operates 70 tennis complexes worldwide at the top resorts and private clubs from the Caribbean to California, and from Singapore and Hong Kong to Europe and Dubai will provide operational and staffing resources. PBI facilities are located at Four Seasons Resorts, Ritz Carlton Hotels, JW Marriott properties and many other global luxury resorts and private clubs such as Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Fezler Golf is one of the most notable golf course construction companies in the US led by PGA Tour member, Forrest Fezler. Fezler Golf specializes in course renovations, upgrades and course construction.

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