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Grande Sports Centre Latin America - Coming soon

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Grande Sports Centre Latin America - Coming soon

The Grande Sports Centre was conceived as an enclave for student-athletes to hone their skills while building not only a fundamental education, but the skills and intelligence aimed to propel them into leadership positions in the fields of their choice. In service to this objective, the Grande Sports Centre has partnered with leading sports stars and programs to provide athletics inspired by heroes of their respective sports. Renowned athletes and sports icons are contributors to the unique design of each respective facility while supplying programs that leverage their experience, determination, and passion.

Each Grande Sports Centre is centered on a campus that would be the envy of most universities. Accommodating a wide range of sporting activities, each campus houses facilities as diverse as tennis courts and equestrian riding trails. Students live on campus and are provided a comprehensive learning and educational experience that will allow them to build a solid academic foundation while they live their sports dreams, with a great yearning and serious passion. Everyone, from the budding international star to the future board members of the next innovation in business, has a home here.

The goal from the outset has been to cover every base of promoting success. Students study from the athletic programs of their choice. These programs develop future sports stars into intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial stars, and familiarize students with sports that foster business relationships internationally. Fundamental scholarship is expounded and expanded upon with career-focused skill development. Gradual introduction to career options enables students to meet college confidently, providing them with the point of view to choose something more than undergraduate studies their freshman year. Leadership programs aimed at building confidence and learning the actual mechanics of leadership build a foundation for graduates to reach to their entire lives. Finally, technological studies familiarize students with practical, contemporary technology so that they can excel, whether as a tech giant, or managing one.

GRANDEINVEST & THE GRANDE ORGANIZATION: GrandeInvest is an advanced technology based investment real-estate platform offering financial participation in sports celebrity branded and international prime real-estate worldwide. It is a product of The Grande Organization LLC (TGO) based in New York, New York. The Grande Organization markets and develops integrated luxury real estate, investment and related branded sports amenities. The Grande Organizations' real estate portfolio includes GrandeClub, Grande Residences, Grande Resort, Ocean Grande Resort, and Harbour Grande. Its development focus is on properties in key metropolitan cities and waterfront destinations throughout the Americas, the Bahamas and the Caribbean, Asia, Australia, Great Britain, Europe, and the Middle East. Qualified investors can benefit from investments in mixed-use developments, hotels, retail, spas, restaurants as well as residential and vacation properties.

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