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Malaysia: Grande Swimming Academy - Opening 2017

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Malaysia: Grande Swimming Academy - Opening 2017

The Grande Swimming Academy is inspired by former internationally competing athletes. The Academy provides programs to appeal to a wide variety of competitive and recreational swimmers.

It provides three level entry courses from beginner to competitive swimming and advanced lifesaving and lifeguarding with theory and practice classes. Our team of experts—inspired by former internationally competing athletes—has designed a series of program options to appeal to a wide variety of competitive and recreational swimmers. All are geared to develop better athletes, more technically proficient swimmers, and individuals who embrace the qualities of leadership, commitment, self-discipline, teamwork, and service.

The Academy is planned at an existing academic campus in Malaysia. The campus is located in the City of Knowledge of Iskandar Malaysia, Johor Bahru, State of Johor, West Malaysia just across the Straits of Johor—linked by a causeway from Singapore. Facilities include a competition-sized pool and practice pool, changing rooms, class rooms and tools for professional evaluation of swim strokes, for practical training,  access to a state-of-the art fitness club and wellness center.

The Grande Swimming Academy is one of eight sports academies of the Grande Sports Centre. The Grande Sports Centre—with its GRANDE SPORTS ACADEMIES & LEARNING-VOCATIONAL INSTITUTES—is the first alternative school worldwide specializing in providing a holistic approach for each student’s academic, athletic, personal, and career development. The program is designed to lay the foundation for students' future careers in the corporate or athletic world.

The Grande Sports Centre Concept:

Grande Sports Centre complexes are currently planned in the USA, Italy, Spain, China, and the Middle East. Each is designed to cater to up to 2,000 boarding and day students. Our sports facilities have been specifically designed to meet the needs of student-athletes and faculty.  

The program addresses high school and pre-collegiate students who are looking to gain a cutting edge advantage through sports and academic education prior to college. In addition, summer and holiday programs are offered to young adults, parents, and their families.

The Grande Sports Centre represents the philosophy that in today’s corporate world it is a prerequisite for future corporate leaders to excel not only in professional and international qualifications, but also to excel socially, physically, and mentally. Mastering a prestigious sport equips students with the personality, endurance, and sociability to open career gates and meet any future professional or business challenge.

The Grande Organization is gathering some of the world’s leading luxury, entertainment, and sports celebrity brands for the eight academy program types it offers—most of them in Olympic disciplines such as tennis, golf, basketball, soccer, swimming, sailing, hockey, and equestrian.

Furthermore, the Grande Sports Centres take celebrity branding to an entirely new level. The athletic and educational campus development program work from commitments from sports celebrities that have a strong involvement in the vision of honing future talent. Each of the eight Grande Sports Academies are branded by a true champion of its respective sport who has risen to the top of the game. Involved celebrities take great pride not only in the design of the state-of-the-art sports facilities, but also contribute to the curriculum and even partially run the operations.


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