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Raffles Campus, Malaysia: Excelsior International School (EQT)

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Raffles Campus, Malaysia: Excelsior International School (EQT)

Excelsior International School is a fully equipped K–12 campus with the facilities to deliver a holistic education program that encompasses excellence in Academics, Sports and the Arts. The campus is located in the City of Knowledge of Iskandar Malaysia, Johor Bahru, State of Johor, West Malaysia just across the Straits of Johor—linked by a causeway from Singapore. It provides a full and holistic academic program offering the internationally recognized Cambridge International General Certificate in Secondary Education and International Baccalaureate curriculum.

The school is embarking on its next phase of expansion with the construction of the Excelsior Residence for its staff and students. Currently the student population is over 300, comprising 60% of students from within Malaysia and 40% international students from over 15 countries. The planned residence will be able to accommodate 400 boarding students and 50 faculty members with their families.  The residence will have indoor activity areas (including a gym and a mini-theatre) for all the student-boarders and a fully-equipped dining hall.  Separating the students’ hostel and the staff residences will be a sky garden for the use of the staff. The total built-up area is estimated to be 25,000 square meters (269,000 sq. ft.).

The Grande Organization will also provide Excelsior International School with supplementary sports academies that run over the summer, during breaks, and after school hours. These sports academies are celebrity branded by a champion of each respective sports, providing excellence in tennis, swimming, soccer, basketball, and more. Participants of the program will benefit from lessons derived and inspired from sports celebrities and organizations who succeeded in the highest levels of play.

The school is EBITDA positive from January 2015, less than one and a half years after it opened its doors in September 2013.

Investors will join as partners in the existing school and campus ($60 million total value) through a $15 million investment for the dormitory expansion and working capital, which constitutes $1.5 million of the total investment. The complete investment will total 20% ownership representing 30,000 sq. m. (322,800 sq. ft.) of existing facilities and a new 400 bed dormitory and 50 faculty apartments.

The existing campus comprises four academic buildings and one administrative building with a total built-up area of over 30,000 sq. m. (322,800 sq. ft.) on a total freehold land area of 20 acres. The school delivers holistic education programs for children aged from 3 to 18 years old.  The 4 academic buildings, each with its own fully covered atriums—which house indoor play—and activity areas and amphitheaters, have over 100 classrooms, as well as science, art, music, drama, and multimedia laboratories.  The administrative building houses a large, covered concourse for student activities, the administrative offices, 2 floors of resource center, a 527-seat auditorium, a dance studio, a large indoor sports and multi-purpose hall, a kitchen and cafeteria, and a basement carpark.  The schools outdoor sporting facilities include a full-sized artificial turf (FIFA 2-star certified) soccer field with 400-meter running track, an Olympic-sized competition swimming pool, a 25-meter practice swimming pool, and 2 tennis courts.  All of the buildings are linked by fully covered learning terraces, which provide extensive space for various indoor activities under any weather conditions.

Excelsior International School, which opened in September 2013 and is now into its second academic year, has an enrolment capacity of 2,500 students and offers the Cambridge International Certificate in Secondary Education and International Baccalaureate Diploma curriculum. This curriculum not only prepares students for entry into universities globally after graduation but also provides a focus on sports and the arts.  With a class size of no more than 25 per class, the school delivers a truly holistic education program emphasizing the 3 Pillars of Excellence in Academic, Sports, and the Arts.  The school is managed by the Raffles Campus Group, a premier Singapore-based education management and operating company with extensive experience in Asia and the Middle East.

Accessibility: The nearest airports are Singapore International Airport and Senai Airport, which are both about 40 km (24.85 miles) from the Excelsior International School.  The school is well connected with the main city center of Johor Bahru. Johor Bahru is about 20 km (12.42miles) from the school’s campus, via 2 main highways. A quality road network links all the states within West Malaysia. Johor Bahru itself is located across the causeway from Singapore. 

Economy:  Malaysia has a total population of over 30 million, and the State of Johor has a total population of about 2 million.  Across the causeway is Singapore with a population of about 5.5 million.  Total GDP of Malaysia is over $300 billion (USD). Singapore has a similar GDP of 297.9 billion (USD) ‎as of 2013.

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GRANDEINVEST & THE GRANDE ORGANIZATION: GrandeInvest is an advanced technology based real estate investment platform offering financial participation in international prime real estate and sports celebrity and luxury branded real estate worldwide. It is a product of The Grande Organization LLC (TGO) based in New York, New York. The Grande Organization markets and develops integrated luxury real estate, investments, and related branded sports amenities.  Its development focus is on asset management, sports management, and educational facilities, as well as properties in key metropolitan cities and waterfront destinations throughout the Americas, the Bahamas and the Caribbean, Asia, Australia, Great Britain, Europe, and the Middle East.

RAFFLES CAMPUS FOUNDATION: Raffles Campus Foundation is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in Singapore for the promotion and support of educational institutions and objectives. The Raffles Campus Group, which specializes in the operation and management of international schools, has over the past 10 years been involved in the management and operations of international schools in Singapore, United Arab Emirates, India and Malaysia.

LONSDALE CAPITAL PTE LTD: Lonsdale Capital is a family office, private equity entity incorporated in Singapore.  It holds a 28% equity interest in the capital of Excelsior International School.

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