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Investment Model

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Register for User Account

It is only a few clicks to register, complete your accreditation form and create your personal user account. GrandeInvest does not charge any fees for registration or making an investment.

Select Real Estate Offering

Browse our portfolio and discover current domestic and international commercial, residential and institutional projects located across five continents -- from ground-up or in-fill developments to existing properties.

Review & Analyze Project

Review and analyze specific project information, including financial summaries, site plans, market studies, proformas and potential tax and investment benefits.

Fundraising Goal Reached ?

Wait for Fundraising to Complete

Track the funding progress via the project portfolio! You receive notice by email and on your user account dashboard as soon as the project funding goal has been reached. What if a project is oversubscribed for investment? Investors who invested first will receive preference.

Make an Investment or Future Pledge

You can easily finalize your investment accessdetailed information, sign paperwork, and submit your payment online. Your funds reside in an escrow account. You may also pledge future investments for future or later phase projects.


Fundraising Goal Not Reached

You have three options: (A) 100% refund at the end of the advertised funding period. (B) You can also participate in a funding period extension. (C) Transfer your funds to an alternate project where the funding goal will be met.

Fundraising Goal Reached!

Congratulations! You are officially an investor. You will receive comprehensive updates on the progress of your real estate projects, your share of capital returns as well as applicable tax information.

Our Operating Principle – Trust and Transparency

At GrandeInvest you decide if you want to invest with equity or debt. Alternately, you may simply pledge an investment commitment. You select the project of your choosing, either in a specific project or a pooled fund. Our operation is based on transparency and trust; it utilizes escrow services, self-directed IRAs, and legal consultants accordingly.

Escrow Release & Closing – Investor Protection

First, we provide all relevant information which you will have access to after you register to give you enough time for performing your due diligence and analysis.

Secondly, your investment will be held in escrow until sufficient capital has been raised to fund a project or a component of the project. Once the fund raising has been completed, the money will be released from escrow to fund the project.  Your investment will be returned in its entirety if the minimum capital has not been raised, unless you select an alternative Grande investment.

Use of Funds – Laying the Cornerstone for Success

Design and construction are started by a qualified team of architects, general contractors, and subcontractors with oversight by development and construction managers. The Grande Organization, along with its local development partners, architects, and engineers, oversees the entire development process to assure proper management of funds, design management, and building development.

Return on Investment – Cash Distribution

One or more phases of the development are completed. Your investment return will begin when profits and cash flow are generated from lot and condominium/home sales, apartment and retail rent, hotel and restaurant/bar revenue, education and sports academy tuition, membership fees and facility rates, and/or vacation ownership sales. Cash flow—less applicable expenses—and debt service will be distributed in accordance with the estimated financial projections and the project’s actual performance. You will also periodically receive detailed performance reports that provide transparency on how your investment is performing.